Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fitness is a way of life.... not a goal

Ok, you are probably wondering why not a goal. I feel like there are goals in the realm of working out and staying active, not the actual being a goal.  I didn't make any fitness New Year's Resolutions this year, or any in general, b/c I think fitness and staying in shape is  a way of life.  Its not 'Oh I need to begin to work out' or yada yada yada but rather a lifestyle change. I honestly feel this way b/c so many people fall off after a short time of work outs due to one excuse or another.
I have been studying for my PE cert test and have enjoyed learning so much more about the fitness world that I hadn't known before or a reassurance on things I did know. Being an athlete you learn so much already b/c it is your life due to practices, staying in shape, and focusing on skills to get  better. Then when you are outside that world, it still feels natural to be in that environment. I feel lucky to still have my athlete "blood" in me. I mean, playing sports all the way to college ball meant that for the majority of my life I was surrounded by weights, cardio, staying healthy, competition, and pushing physical limits (thanks coach:).Ha. I hate that the gym is full of people that won't be there in March. Its sad b/c if they only realized the benefit of continuing their new interest in the gym, they would probably stay at it a bit longer. Reading on the benefits while studying for this test, even more than I realized, reassured that it is well worth your time to stay active. Here are a few of those:
1. Keeps your bones strong.
2. Strengthens muscles.
3. Makes your lungs and heart healthy.
4. Gives energy.
5. Helps fight against sickness and disease.
6.Better mood
7. Improved complexion
8. Weight loss
9. Builds self esteem
10. Helps with learning

These are just a few of the benefits that will change anyones' life. I am so passionate about this way of life. I have began to mesh my teaching love with my fitness love by pursing my teaching certificate in physical education. I took the test Friday and am hoping for the best:) Hopefully next year I will be a PE teacher at a wonderful elementary. No doubt that I will miss my kinders if this is in God's plan. I will keep updating and let everyone know progress.
Happy works outs and stay strong in the work outs!!