Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oraganic, Easy Lunch....

I try and go organic as much as possible without being an impossible person. Its so hard to go completely organic but its very likely to do it with most of what you consume. So, although its more expensive, I think its better for your body not put a bunch of additives and junk that, I feel, lead to all sorts of sickness and disease.

Today's lunch was an easy one after church. Salad with Organic dressing, eggs, and organic lettuce. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich all organic too. Its easy, quick, and light. No yucky "I ate to much" feeling after. I had a Reeces Peanut butter cup for dessert. Here are some pics of the ingredients I used. I used Newman's Own Raspberry Walnut dressing (not pictured) b/c its all organic. Also, used Nature's Own  Honey 7 Grain bread...the all natural one. There are different versions so make sure you get the no additives one.They also donate all proceeds to charity!!
This peanut butter is amazing, btw. So is this organic jelly.
So try this easy lunch that is good for you:) You will be left feeling light and not guilty! :)
Happy Work Outs!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Juice/Vitamin product:)

So I was at Lifetime fitness with my sis in Houston and they had a sample juice. I am interested in it b/c of the benefits that it claims. The name is Reservatol and if you go to their website,, they have more products and info. Here is a break down that caught my eye:

200% vitamin C
100% Vitamin B6
1000% Vitamin B12 ( helps maintain healthy nerve cells
100% Biotin ( good for skin and nails)
100% Folate (Helps create DNA and may prevent cancer)
  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Youthful energy and appearance*
  • Healthy inflammatory responses*
Okay so I was like to good to be true!! Well, I tried it and it was so good= tasted like grape juice. Then I had some energy left over at the end of the day after the gym and a long day at, I was wondering if it had anything to do with it. I have been drinking lots more water lately too-- like close to 2 liters and I wonder if that combo with this new juice has anything to do with it. They have different sizes and flavors and your only supposed to drink a shot at a time. Its made from fruit so the sugar is kinda high... but I think the rest out weighs the negatives. They sell it at Whole Foods and Wal Mart. The big one is 6-7 dollars and you have to drink this in 10 days of opening. Make sure you shake it.... Would love to hear if you have any thoughts!!!:) Happy work outs.