Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Juice/Vitamin product:)

So I was at Lifetime fitness with my sis in Houston and they had a sample juice. I am interested in it b/c of the benefits that it claims. The name is Reservatol and if you go to their website,, they have more products and info. Here is a break down that caught my eye:

200% vitamin C
100% Vitamin B6
1000% Vitamin B12 ( helps maintain healthy nerve cells
100% Biotin ( good for skin and nails)
100% Folate (Helps create DNA and may prevent cancer)
  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Youthful energy and appearance*
  • Healthy inflammatory responses*
Okay so I was like to good to be true!! Well, I tried it and it was so good= tasted like grape juice. Then I had some energy left over at the end of the day after the gym and a long day at, I was wondering if it had anything to do with it. I have been drinking lots more water lately too-- like close to 2 liters and I wonder if that combo with this new juice has anything to do with it. They have different sizes and flavors and your only supposed to drink a shot at a time. Its made from fruit so the sugar is kinda high... but I think the rest out weighs the negatives. They sell it at Whole Foods and Wal Mart. The big one is 6-7 dollars and you have to drink this in 10 days of opening. Make sure you shake it.... Would love to hear if you have any thoughts!!!:) Happy work outs.

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Nena Fagan said...

Eddie doesn't like the juice - I haven't tried it yet!