Monday, December 13, 2010

Holidays and bad eating habits

Its no surprise of the downfalls in the healthy food category during the holidays. Its a fit girl's worst nightmare! And unless you want to be "that girl" who is making everyone feel guilty for indulging, you need to eat too! :) So this holiday I have been really trying hard to balance the bad eating with lots of gym time!:) It is so nice to go home and have my sis as a gym partner (she is a lifetime fitness member too!) Make sure you are balancing the thousands more calories you intake in this 'hard to say no' time of year. These two months can add quite a few pounds if your not careful. I know for me, its not worth it to have to backtrack just to have a few rounds of turkey and pie! Another great fun family thing to do is some kind of fun run..
Me, my sis, and her boyfriend did the Turkey Trot 5 K in Houston. We circled back around to walk with my mom for the family mile. It was so nice having a family outing and getting a morning work out in on Thanksgiving with all the calories we consumed that afternoon at my dad's.
Here are some pics from the event!!
My sis and I

My sis and her boyfriend:)

Me and my sweet Momma

I love how great it was to do this together. We did it two years ago and this time the weather coperated alot more. However, my feelings of running and the last time we had a fling all came back.... and it wasn't pretty. The gym is my addiction and as well as boot camp-esqe classes and that is okay for me. Tried the outdoor running thing and it still isn't sticking- thats what happened when you grow up as a gym (bball) athelete. 

Back to holidays, has a great article that really had alot of great tips and foods to stay away from. Here it is:

10 high-calorie holiday foods

1.   Turkey- Dark Meat and Skin - moist due to fat content

The moist texture of a turkey's dark meat and the intense flavor of its skin are due to the high fat content in both. Just 4 ounces of dark meat turkey with some skin provides 250 calories and 13 grams of fat, while 4 ounces of white meat without skin only has 150 calories and 1 gram of fat.

2.   Mashed potatoes can be loaded with fat

Despite the claims of low-carb dieters everywhere, potatoes are not the enemy. Standing alone, potatoes are actually a low calorie, fat-free food. However, traditional holiday mashed potato recipes call for generous amounts of butter, cream, and sometimes even cheese. Loaded up with these heavy ingredients, mashed potatoes can reach a whopping 470 calories per 1-cup serving.

3.   Gravy made with fat drippings increases your calorie intake

As if the mashed potatoes and turkey didn't do enough damage, we often like to top it all with gravy made from the bird's fat drippings. Pour ¾ cup of gravy over your plate, and you'll add 375 calories.

4.   Candied sweet potatoes equal a high-calorie sweet

Sweet potatoes are an extremely nutritious vegetable that needs very little interference to make it taste heavenly. But the tradition of candying sweet potatoes, which means adding brown sugar and butter, turns this nutritious treat into a high-calorie sweet. And when we top it with marshmallows, we increase the calories to an incredible 400 calories from just a ¾ cup serving!

5.   Stuffing - absorbs the fat

Traditionally, stuffing is cooked inside the turkey where it absorbs much of the fat from the bird. Whether made from corn bread or white bread, it often contains high-fat ingredients such as butter, sausage, and nuts, averaging about 340 calories per 1 cup serving.

6.   3 potato latkes can be as much as 400 calories!

A traditional Hanukkah dish, potato latkes are patties of shredded potato held together with matzo and egg that is fried in a generous amount of oil. They are often served with applesauce and/or sour cream. Three latkes with 1 tablespoon of sour cream on each pack over 400 calories.

7.   Eggnog - not good for weight nor your arteries

This rich and creamy holiday drink is not for the weak of heart. At 350 calories and 19 grams of fat (11 of which are saturated) per 8-ounce serving, over-consumption of this holiday treat packs on pounds and clogs arteries.

8.   Prime Rib - the prime means fat!

While ham is a more traditional choice for a holiday dinner, those opting for something more upscale may choose prime rib. Unfortunately, this cut of meat is called "prime" because it contains 35-45% fat, which is the highest of all cuts. A 4-ounce serving of prime rib contains about 425 calories. But let's face it - nobody eats 4 ounces of this succulent cut of meat. A more common serving size is at least 8 ounces, which delivers a hefty 850 calories.

9.   Peanut brittle in moderation to avoid weight gain

While peanuts contain good fat, they are high in calories and should be consumed in moderation. Add butter and corn syrup (sugar) to peanuts and you have peanut brittle, which packs 485 calories into a 3.5 ounce serving.
10.   Pecan pie - a generous serving can be 800 calories!
Same story as the peanut brittle with the addition of a flaky, buttery crust. A generous serving of pecan pie can top out at 800 calories!

Minimizing the holiday food damage

Indulging in even moderate quantities of these high-calorie foods regularly throughout the holiday season can wreak havoc on your waistline. Of course it is possible to purchase or prepare healthier versions of the above foods, but you may not be involved in their preparation. Even if your host doesn't take any calorie-cutting measures, just being aware of the dishes that are highest in fat and calories will help you make better choices and eat smaller quantities.

Four tips to keeping calorie intake down at the holiday table

To make sure you do not go overboard, first pick your favorites and skip anything that does not look amazing. There are always too many options-you do not have to eat one of everything.
Second, take smaller portions than you are used to since these are rich foods and it will certainly not take much to fill you up.
Third, limit yourself to one helping. If you are tempted to go back for more, wait 20 minutes, by which time you will probably feel too full.
Finally, eat slowly and savor every bite. The holidays are a time of feasting and celebrating, and you should be able to enjoy some special treats with your friends and family. Just enjoy them mindfully.

This summer I read Bethenny Frankel's book this summer and something HUGE that stuck out to me was "Taste everything, eat nothing." The concept is taste and don't clean the plate full of it. If you like mac and cheese, don't eat a whole bowl (can't say I am not guilty of this) but just take a few bites so you don't feel deprived. I am actually really going to try this thought this second holiday around. Let ya know how that goes.

I also read on Web MD that overeating in the holidays tends to lean sometimes to the emotional. This surprised me but doesn't ring far from how stressful the holidays seem to get. If food is connected to the emotional portion in your life, the holidays could trigger these emotions again to eat. They say to be ready for temptation and make a plan. They suggested a kind of funny sounding thing to do but it might work, and that is to make the reasons you want to stay thin and why you want to loose weight and rehearse those in the morning. Kind of like a pep talk. Hey, maybe even posting a picture of your fave fit celeberity! The visual seems to help me! Mine is def Giselle Bundchen!!
Keep on working out.... and enjoy how great your body will look even after the holidays!!! Stay active and happy work outs....


Friday, December 10, 2010

HOlidays....MaKe suRe yOu KeeP on WorkInG ouT...

Its that time of the year, starting in November, where ALOT of guilt sets in due to massive amounts of food. The overload is ridiculous, and unless you don't want to be "that" girl who isn't participating b/c she wants to be the skinny one, then you must eat. So yes, this is the time where you eat. Working out alleviates that guilt a little bit. Going hard and not going home! If you half way do it in the gym... then expect half way results by the end of Holiday season. Hit up some interval training and weights to keep yourself burning calories all day. Make sure you are eating good on the "off"days when you aren't around a practical buffet. Its real hard being a kindergarten teacher, constant sweets, cupcakes, and "Oh Miss Martinez here is your Christmas present." chocolate. Its tough, but don't undo all the work you have done.... You can Do IT!!!!:) Happy work outs.
Turkey day Dash pics coming soon... when I get back to Dallas from my weekend trip home.... :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last post September?? Ya, that explains this school year....

So I noticed I haven't posted in a while... sad day. This school year feels like my first year of teaching, even though its my fourth! My job has lately been feeling all consuming, and if your a teacher, you totally get this.... Long hours at school long after the littles leave, going home stressed, and still a never ending to do list. This last sentence brings me to the topic of my post today....Getting the work outs in even when it gets hectic and work or life. I have been averaging 4 days a week in work outs compared to my summer schedule of 5-6 days a week. The school year has def changed my work outs. This morning I was watching TV and saw that there is a new kinetic game out where you move and the game operates-- which is great for work out time games as well b/c you are up and moving as opposed to sitting for hours. I can't help but think that there are so many options for people who can't get to a gym. I feel lucky to be able to "squeeze" the time in. These days getting there is harder than the actual work out. But I know I am not the only one feeling this, so keep pressing on through the stress! You will feel great after those days where you want to pull your hair out or are so tired the drive home is almost a fluffy bed of dreams.... find the number you want to average and get that many days of work outs in a week. Don't settle for less. This week I didn't work out M-W, so I know that starting Thursday, I must work out every day till Sunday to get the 4 days in. I chose to take off from my work outs three days, thus making my work out schedule a must for the rest of the week. SO far, so good:) One more day this week and I accomplished that goal....... You can do it!! So stay motivated, focused on the goal, and 'work out' that job stress or life stress... It will be well worth your time!!
Happy Work Outs!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oraganic, Easy Lunch....

I try and go organic as much as possible without being an impossible person. Its so hard to go completely organic but its very likely to do it with most of what you consume. So, although its more expensive, I think its better for your body not put a bunch of additives and junk that, I feel, lead to all sorts of sickness and disease.

Today's lunch was an easy one after church. Salad with Organic dressing, eggs, and organic lettuce. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich all organic too. Its easy, quick, and light. No yucky "I ate to much" feeling after. I had a Reeces Peanut butter cup for dessert. Here are some pics of the ingredients I used. I used Newman's Own Raspberry Walnut dressing (not pictured) b/c its all organic. Also, used Nature's Own  Honey 7 Grain bread...the all natural one. There are different versions so make sure you get the no additives one.They also donate all proceeds to charity!!
This peanut butter is amazing, btw. So is this organic jelly.
So try this easy lunch that is good for you:) You will be left feeling light and not guilty! :)
Happy Work Outs!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Juice/Vitamin product:)

So I was at Lifetime fitness with my sis in Houston and they had a sample juice. I am interested in it b/c of the benefits that it claims. The name is Reservatol and if you go to their website,, they have more products and info. Here is a break down that caught my eye:

200% vitamin C
100% Vitamin B6
1000% Vitamin B12 ( helps maintain healthy nerve cells
100% Biotin ( good for skin and nails)
100% Folate (Helps create DNA and may prevent cancer)
  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Youthful energy and appearance*
  • Healthy inflammatory responses*
Okay so I was like to good to be true!! Well, I tried it and it was so good= tasted like grape juice. Then I had some energy left over at the end of the day after the gym and a long day at, I was wondering if it had anything to do with it. I have been drinking lots more water lately too-- like close to 2 liters and I wonder if that combo with this new juice has anything to do with it. They have different sizes and flavors and your only supposed to drink a shot at a time. Its made from fruit so the sugar is kinda high... but I think the rest out weighs the negatives. They sell it at Whole Foods and Wal Mart. The big one is 6-7 dollars and you have to drink this in 10 days of opening. Make sure you shake it.... Would love to hear if you have any thoughts!!!:) Happy work outs.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Work makes me tired, .gym

Ok, we all work. Work makes all tired. After running around my kindergartners... some days I feel like I could melt into my bed at night! But, the show MUST go on. I think planning what days you will work out before the week starts and writing it in a planner or on a calendar, will def push for a more successful week. I see it, know its the plan, and its harder to go away from that. This week my LIfetime Fitness is renovating and is closed.. So, unfortunately, I am having to find another alternative. ( My apt. has a good gym with great equip and the Allen Lifetime is open for us to use this week too) The guilt of not working out can be so heavy. The feeling after is a million times better. The week work can get hectic. What are you doing to make sure you get to the gym or hit the pavement? Now, I know that certain weeks call for less time to work out.. I think those weeks are good for you every now and then. Just don't make it a back to back work out less weeks... then you have just undone everything you have worked for. SO make sure you get your time in for yourself to work out the most important working machine in your life... YOUR BODY. Look good, feel good, stay healthy. No matter what life throws at you!!:)
pic from Women's Health Magazine

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ShAKe YoUr BoOty ...

When it comes to work out music.... I like to "shake your booty" types of songs... and yes, this involves rap music. I know, I am an adult, and frankly I think I will always like rap music. About a year and a half ago my beloved IPOD broke (or so I thought). To my surprise, I continued to work out without music. I found it to clear my head, and it wasn't as painful as I had always imagined. Then I started the running thing, and found sometimes I used my pod and others I didn't. I found my pod again when I moved, and was presently surprised when it turned back on!! So I was back in action with music again. When I take a class, if the instructor has the right kind of music, I find my self going much harder. It has been proven that motivating music will actually enhance your work out. So, the reason for this post is to share some of my play list.... please post any songs you like so we can make this grow!!:)
Work out list;
1. Take it Off   Keisha
2. Jump    by Flo Rida and Nelly Furtado
3. Lil Freak by Usher
4. There goes my baby  by Usher
5. Dynamite by Taio Cruz
6. Break you heart by Taio Cruz and Luda
7. If we ever meet again by Timberland and Katy Perry
8.It's Going Down by Young Joc
9. Pump it up by Joe Budden
10. Can't Be Tamed by Miley Cryus
11. Move Shake DRop Remix by Dj Laz and Flo Rida
12. Woo HOo by Cristina Auguilera
13. Rock that Body by Black Eyed Peas
14. Not myself tonight by Cristina Augilera
15. Get Crazy by LMFAO
16. Candy Shop by Fifty cent
17. Lemonade by Gucci Mane
18. Wasted by Gucci Mane
19. Spotlight by Gucci Mane
20. OMG by Usher
21. My Chick Bad by Luda and Nicki Minaj
22. Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliot
23. I'm Really Hot by Missy
24. Shake your pom pom by Missy
25. Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
26. Carry Out by Justin Timberlake
27. Outta Control by Baby Bash
28. Shake and Pop by Green Velvet
29. Shut it DOwn by Pitbull
30. IMma Be by Black Eyed Peas
31. How Low by Luda
32.  Run This Town by Jay Z
33. LA la la by LMFAO
34. Yes by LMFAO
35. Ain't No other man by Crisitina Augilera
36. Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
37. Amazing by Kanye
38. Don't Forget by Demi Levato

Ok, yes there are tons more good songs out there...and some of these are super old.  As I typed the names, I realized how silly some of the titles are. There are clean versions and explicit... I try going with clean b/c when I can't find the that version the explicit hits me with shock when working out...hahaha.... Some people like rock, country, or jazz to work out too, I am a pop/Rap girl. Whatever floats your boat! The point is to stay motivated b/c life zaps energy out of us so easily and getting to the work outs is the hardest part!  Post some songs that really get you moving!!

Happy Work Outs!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Naturally Thin...

I have finished a great book by one of my fave celebrities right now, Bethenny Frankel. Naturally Thin is a wonderful book that helps you balance your eating habits to stay naturally thin. She has 10 rules that out line the book. Here they are:
 1. Your Diet is your bank account.
2. You can have it all, just not all at once.
3. Taste everything, eat nothing.
4. Pay attention.
5. Downsize now.
6. Cancel your membership in the clean plate club.
7.Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
8. Know Thyself.
9. Get Real.
10.Good for you.
These might not make sense right now.. so buy the book off of Amazon for 7 dollars and it will break them down. My favorite is "Cancel your membership in the clean plate club." I hate wasting food... but this really help me see that you shouldn't finish your plate always, especially when out to eat-- and the portions are WAY to big. I think the one that makes the most sense is the "Your diet is your bank account." Duh! If you have sweets all day and no veggies or something of substance- you will be in the negative. Duh?!? The way she breaks it down has made me think more about the moments when I want to eat everything in sight. "Taste everything, eat nothing" is something I need to learn. Taking bites of the "bad" stuff and not actually eating all of it. That way you still get the taste and actual food- just in bites- like two bites. That will save you the calories but still keep you from the dieting that makes most people go over the edge to binging! I like her "No diet" attitude... cause you still get to experience the good stuff. :) For real ladies, go out and get this book ... especially if you love Bethenny like I do:) Well worth it... and just 'food for thought.'
Happy work outs...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few of my favorite Summer food things.... Oh , and healthy too:)

Some things I am indulging in this summer.... and not bad for you either....

First up.... Watermelon...OMG... so refreshing..
then... these little ice creams that are only 190 calories and a dollar at Wal mart!! they are just enough ice cream too, and way less calories than a pint!
And these Luna Bars are amazing for breakfast before the gym ... love! and way less calories than Cliff bars
These whole grain  peanut butter crackers are the perfect snack.. and whole grain!
(can only find them at wal mart too!)
I will end with the BEST salsa that is from a local company... OMG so good...and so fresh.. .and such a good dip!
Happy Work outs!:) and eating....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Veggies and My 9 mile run....

Yes, the title doesn't go together but two things I want to blog about today. Okay so last week was my Too Hot Too Handle 15K(9 miles). I hadn't thought it was going to be as hard as it was... but boy, was I wrong. Ok, so during the summer I had fell off the training program for the race and had have been doing a TON of crosstraining. This summer has been alot about the gym... I love being up there and changing up my routines from Spinning to NO limit cardio to Total Conditioning. So, back to the race, OK so I was Super nervous b/c all I had run up until then was a 10K (6 miles) (and a 7 mile training session). And I knew how hot it had been here lately. But I tried not getting to psyched about it. So my awesome boyfriend and his dog Sprig came along for the support bright and early. Such troopers since all Justin was pretty much doing was waiting on me the whole time in the heat. So, right before I was going to start, the announcer came on and said it would be 20 more minutes due to the delay of water stations not being ready. I was so anxious, I just wanted to start! SO finally it got closer and closer and then.... the gun went off! So we are off, Of course people are passing me, and thats okay b/c I am in no hurry when I run. The thing on my mind in mile one is "here we go..." Then mile two approaches and I feel a slight pain in my IT band on my left knee... Oh no, I am thinking.. please don't start acting up now(they had been fine for months)... Then they started completely giving out.... Ugh! I mean bad.. it felt like the bones in my outside part of my knee were just hitting and rubbing on each other.... So.. thats when the race started to get wearing and long. Unfortunantly I didn't enjoy the race b/c I was soooooo upset about my knees and not being able to run this thing like I thought. I was just trying to get to the end.... and my time is not even worth mentioning.. .. So sad. I was WAY sore for the 2 days after. But, the good that I got out of it was that I am thankful that it is not an injury that I am unable to keep working out-- it only hurts when I run! That is the weird part of an IT band injury.. things like going down stairs and only hurting when running ... ugh... So the good... I am able to stay healthy and be active and run races... So many people aren't able to things due to limitations or handicaps... And I had an awesome supporter. Here are some pics....
My supporters:)
final stretch...I was so happy to see the finish line...
A very sweaty, tired girl.

Ok... so now on to an amazing veggie dinner that I had recently... I have been eating so many Veggies lately. Lots of squash and zucchini....So this was a pita fold with marinara and mozerella sauce. Then a side of veggies... not rocket science...but a healthy version of pizza:) so yummy....

Look how yummy it looks!! Spice up your meals by adding lots of veggies!!!:)
This was a big meal that can def be cut in half and saved for the next day!!! Happy work outs!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresh dinner...yum.

So I have been reading Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel and am absolutely loving it. I have been trying to go more "fresh" with eating.. even though its def more expensive and time consuming. This book also emphasizes how important it is to eat fresh foods and go more organic. So with this in mind, I took a recipe out of her book and tweaked it a little bit. No pics, but just wanted to share this one. You will need whole wheat noodles of your choice, fresh tomatoes(not canned), garlic cloves(it was my first time dealing with garlic:), spinach (I got this canned b/c I couldn't find it otherwise), and Smart Balance butter. Cook the noodles normally, cut your tomatoes, saute your garlic, add butter. Bam...there is your recipe:) For desert, I had Greek plain yogurt with just a tiny bit of Vanilla extract and cinnamon. Added some organic (23-cause that was the serving size) chocolate chips on top...and mixed it up! So good and I feel not disgusting full after. Try it!!:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Veggie Sandwich that will change your life (if you like veggies!!)

Ok, so after my stint of trying to be a vegetarian for a couple of months a year ago, I am still not that big of a meat eater. I don't like steak, can't each lunch meat for some reason, and chicken has to be perfect for me to eat it ( like no chewy parts- or barf)! So I have been sticking to fish for my meat intake.
So since lunch meat still grosses me out for some reason, I have switched to purely Veggie sandwiches. LOVE Subway's version of it and heck its 5 dollars! But to be more practical every day, I have bought the fresh veggies and started making my own- which is more of a bargain in the long run too. And, with the right kind of bread (Nature's Own- no crap preservatives and high in fiber/ low in calories) this sandwich is a guilt free kind of meal. I have my preferences of what I like and how I like it, but this is really a "you" kind of sandwich. Change it up if you see something you don't like! Here are some pics... hope I make you hungry:)

Here are the ingredients:)
tomatos and cucumbers

Can't forget the cheese:)        Love pickles!!

Okay now here is the sandwich in a couple steps... make yours how you want it:) You can be your own "sandwich artist" as Subway puts it.

No sure why its a 'm' ?!?

banana peppers and Muenster cheese on!

pile in the veggies...and...

Look how thick and yummy this sandwich looks... without the guilt of tons of calories;)

So I hope your hungry enough to go out and get FRESH vegetables and take the time to prepare a fresh meal. The leftover veggies I put in a container for tomorrow's sandwich, which will cut the time of preperation in half! When school starts again, I will put the veggies in a seperate bag than my break so it doesn't get soggy.... I hate soggy bread!!:)
P.S. Just got this new book in... LOVE Bethenny Frankel and her healthy way of life... I'll let you know how it is  when I am finished...

Happy work outs...:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

High Fructose Corn Syrup.... bad news bears

I first found out about this thing called high fructose corn syrup which I will gladly call HFCS in this post, through a fabulous book called Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.  This book caused me to be a vegetarian for about 7-8 months until I fell off the band wagon (still don't eat hardly any meat except fish- but occasionally give in to Sausage and cheese Kolaches), really started wanting to go organic, and really helped me learn about all the crap they put in food and what they do to animals. It actually shocked me. Read it if you want to change your life! :) Ok back to HFCS, I couldn't put it better than how the authors of Skinny Bitch put here it is...

" High fructose syrup is another badass that finds its way into tons of foods. Manufacturers loves its versatility and put it in nearly everything: juice, soda, beer, yogurt, energy bars, cookies, candies, breads, even frozen goods. HFCS is processed more than sugar and is even sweeter.  But it's a friend of the farmer because its so cheap to produce.  Like refined sugar, it has a negative, dramatic effect on our blood-sugar levels....."

After seeing more and more on the topic of HFCS, I started to take notice on the nutrition labels. Wow, was I shocked. It was in things like  whole wheat bread (some do offer without it- Natures Own is the one I eat.) rice cakes, and tons of drinks. I couldn't believe how many products have it. Even Special K cereal has it in it! So many "healthy" snacks and foods claim to have low calories but are packed with tons of artificial.  Not good. My personal opinion and theory is all the symptoms and sicknesses that have taken such a rise (cancer) has a lot to do with all the crap that is in our foods these days. I mean, to me, its just insane the rise of illnesses people are going through. It has to be something that we are ingesting. For something to okay in my book, it needs to be USDA certified. There website has more info. They are a respected organic label... not just some logo slapped with no back up.

 No, not every little thing I eat is organic, but I try as much as possible to get it in. Healthy Choice makes all natural/no preservatives Frozen meals.... they still make some that aren't so look for the label. I try and not buy things with HFCS b/c not it just bugs me to know that something I am eating or drinking has it in it. Just use your judgement. If this is something that sounds like you want to start looking into and weighing heavily, then jump on board. Some people say "one day I will die regardless of something," then good for you. Thats not my way of thinking and so for me, I have consciously tried noticing these things. Happy work outs...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

While your away, still keep the work out on...

"Its easier and quicker to get out of shape than to get in it." I completely agree with the unknown person who said this. If you take a week and a half off from working out, boy do you feel it when you go to that first work out back. Sad, but so true. You can work hard for months and it can be undone so quickly. So, when I go out of town, I  stay active. When me and my sis went on vacation to Huntington Beach, Cali, I only took a day off from work outs-- mostly from fear of packing on all the good food calories and getting out of shape. I mean, running by the beach in 70 degree weather def wasn't torture. It was sooo nice!
I felt better about enjoying the food at all the good restaurants too. I often go visit my family in a different city as well. This has teamed up to be an easier match to keep work outs up b/c me and my sis are both Lifetime members and really enjoy a really good work out. Its nice to have a work out partner as well. We are kinda competitive too so that makes it fun. Your more likely to go with a partner than by yourself.

So, to help my fellow fitness fanatics, I looked up some things to do when your out of the comfort of your own gym. This website had some great ideas

Exercising On Vacation
How to stay in shape when you travel

By , Guide
Updated June 22, 2009

  • Walking on the beach. Walking in soft sand is a killer workout and burns more calories than walking on flat ground. Some experts suggest that you can burn twice as many calories walking in soft sand. Keep it safe by wearing shoes (you may get shinsplints if you go barefoot for too long) and going for a few minutes at a time to get used to it. You'll be surprised how hard it is.
  • Beach volleyball. You can burn more than 150 calories an hour, depending on how hard you work and it's a great way to meet other people at the beach while having fun.
  • Surfing, swimming and snorkeling. Surfing is a total body workout that will challenge every muscle in your body. Even if you just paddle out to the waves and fall off (like I do), you'll get a great workout. Snorkeling is a bit more leisurely, but you can add intensity by swimming a little harder. If you're at a beach that doesn't have big waves, put on your snorkel gear and swim out and back for a few laps to get your blood moving.
  • Leisurely bike rides. Long bike rides are a great way to see the area while getting in some low-intensity exercise. If you take your time and go all day, you'll burn calories without even thinking about it.
  • Hiking. Anytime you add elevation to your walks, you'll burn more calories. If you carry a backpack, you'll challenge yourself even more, all while enjoying a little nature. Check with your hotel concierge to see about hiking adventures nearby or visit Local Hikes to find trails near major metropolitan areas.
  • Golf. Golf can be a dud of a workout if you ride around in a cart and drink beer at every hole. If you want to burn more calories, though, carry your clubs and walk the course. You'll burn around 200-300 calories per hour, even more if you hit every ball into a bunker and add 19 strokes to each hole, like I do.
  • Tennis. Like golf, a game of tennis can be as easy or hard as you want it to be. Chasing the ball and hitting it like you're Serena Williams or Roger Federer will give you a great workout, burning up to 400 calories for a 150-lb person.
  • Shopping. Okay, maybe shopping isn't the highest intensity activity, but it can be very aerobic under the right circumstances. If shopping is your activity of choice, make it count by walking fast, taking the stairs and avoiding fatty foods at the food court.
 I couldn't have said this better. These are great ideas and alot of these don't involve any money or a gym! I would also like to add walking also burns calories-and parents love when you visit them and ask for a walk. There are often little gyms in hotels...even if their old, take advantage of it! You can also ALWAYS run for free. is a great resource to find a good run with accurate mileage anywhere. I LOVE this website. You type in your address and its based off a satellite. Then you map your run by moving the line. Play with it a bit to learn the website. Also, do the zoom button to make sure its on the path more closely. Its free too!! Just make an account and pick the most basic one. So, I hope that your vacation doesn't involve a complete vacation from the work out scene. Yes, I believe in breaks and know there are times in the year where a week off is just how the cookie crumbles. I am not a 'work out every week for 36 weeks with absolutely no break' girl. Thats stupid and I am not going to say thats how I am.. ..come on now.  But, stay motivated in your work outs and staying healthy. Don't give in to going down hill just cause you are on "vacation." Grab a friend or a family member and get your work out on!!
Happy work outs.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls need protein too....

Let me start by saying I am not an nutrionist or expert. This is my opinion based off research and my own results. :)
Protein, protein, protein.
My oldschool way of thinking: Protein means weight gain. Ah-mmm... Um, every girls'worst nightmare- stay away!!! My new way of thinking: getting WHEY protein  is not a gainer but a natural supplement that aides in muscle repair. Here is a fabluous break down of WHEY protein and what its about.. the website is

"Protein levels are depleted through exercise. Muscles require amino acids to prevent deterioation, give endurance and build mass. Protein supply these amino acids to the muscles which is why atheletes use whey protein....."

What is Whey protein?
"Commercial whey protein comes from a cow's milk.Whey is the by-product of making cheese and was usually thrown away as a waste product. Now researchers know that the whey protein is high quality, natural protein that is rich with amino acids essential for good health and muscle building. It is naturally found in mother's milk and used in baby formula. It is being considered for use as a fortifier of grain products because of its considerable health benefits and bland flavor."

Why consider taking it?
"Whey protein has many health benefits including immune support, bone health, sports health, weight management, and overall well being.

Can Whey Be dangerous?
"Whey protein is a food and so it does not have the risks associated with other supplements.That said, too much of anything carries risk. Extremely high use of whey protein can overload the liver which can cause serious problems. Moderation is always recommended."

That is a quick break down from ONE website. Google it and there are tons more articles.

Iniatially I had heard about protein through boys and seeing their containers of "junk" that they take for muscle gain. It NEVER looked appealing b/c all I saw was weight gain.TONS of carbs and calories. Uh no thank you. Then I think the market started opening up for women. Enter Whey protein. I was VERY skeptical of protein b/c I did not want to gain weight. After reading several online things about it to make sure it wouldn't mess with my own natural levels or fill myself up with perservatives and carbs, I decided to give it a go. A trainer at Lifetime also convinced me of its good. That was the final straw b/c she was a girl herself who had drank Whey protein shakes. So I headed over to Vitamin Shop and talked with a worker (a woman) there. Told her my concerns and she showed me the Whey section.  This container which, gosh, laste me I think a month and a half , two months, was 20 bucks. The one I got was this one :

I got smooth banana b/c of the ingredients I make my shake with....they are...
Organic milk, Whey, peanut butter (more protein), ice, and not pictured b/c I was out-- a banana.

I try and drink one when I come in from a work out. It tastes like a milk shake!! I have even had one for dessert instead. You can take it before a work out to help with sore muscles. At bedtime, so it can repair all night. After workouts, to begin to repair and restore your depleted protein. They say the best time is within 30 min of your workout. I also have heard girls take it for a complete meal replacement. Sometimes I am full after a shake and other times a girl is still hungry! SO I eat. :)

For me, I feel like my muscles are stronger, more lean, and tone. That could also be due to the more frequent lifting and muscle toning I have increased. But, I am sure the protein has helped. I also read that it can help with lowering body fat-- um... yes please. I could def use help there b/c I feel like that is such an up hill battle.

 DO YOUR RESEARCH yourself before trying anything. I researched it enough to feel comfortable about taking it after almost every work out. Women will not get bulky b/c of whey. The larger women with HUGE muscles are injecting themselves most likely with an illegal or more potent form of protein. Talk to a trainer at your gym. Talk to other people who have taken it or might know about it.  Its just something that has worked for me. I mean Gatorade has their whole new G series out that has a recover section to it. It is a protein type drink. I trust Gatorade, and they seem to be jumping on the recover board too.
So, would love to hear if you are going to try it or if you come up with a better mix of ingredients. Share on the comments!!
Happy work outs.

Lifetime Fitness, you have a spell on me....

So, I am a gym girl... I mean, I can work out anywhere including outside, but indoor gyms is where I feel home. I am guessing this might be from being in a basketball gym for 10 years and then a few. Ok, so when I was in college, it was free and I was in there by a coach's demands... which changes the whole picture. When someone is telling you what to do, its alot easier to stay in shape. After I got done playing, it was up to me to find an outlet. I am not going to lie, when I finished playing, I was burnt out and took some time off alltogether from the "work out " scene... I was also 18 pounds heavier than I am now b/c of that golden time off. Lovely, I know. OK back to the story... so after school I moved and joined 24 hour fitness b/c thats where I had worked out in the summer during college ( at home.) So I joined. That is where I fell in love with spinning. However, it was always so packed and I was waiting in line for cardio. The classes were super full, and lots of MACHO guys working out in the weights area was a struggle to get in! So, I was there for like 2 years... no BIG complaints.

But I had always wondered about good ol Lifetime Fitness.... I had worked out there once with a girl-friend in Austin and was blown away by the "experience." Hair place, restaurant, fancy locker room where you get your own key, and the agility section. I know it was quite pricey and I stayed away. Until...... my sis joined and would not stop talking about it and how great it was. Ok, so I joined, reluctantly for 64 dollars a month. I know, sounds crazy considering I was paying only 30 bucks at the other gym. I am always there so I am def getting my money's worth. After re-evaluating the situation and thinking about switching b/c sometimes I can't believe I pay that much... I have decided to stay. I can't walk away from the amazing things they offer.The classes they offer are really tuned in to the art of working out. The zones and heart rates are listed in all the class studios. They have classes that have mastered the heart rate and muscled confusion-- which is key in calorie burning and weight loss. I can't list all the classes b/c there are soooo many- but just look on the website. They have yoga, atheletic yoga, spinning ( with screens that come down to show Tour De France type races for motivation or distraction haha), No Limit cardio, spinning/circuit, an outdoor running club, the reformer machine for pilates room, yoga studio.... and so on... I could go on. There NEVER is a wait for cardio b/c they have so many. They have so much equipment available including bosou balls, bands, amazing mats, etc. They have a pool indoor and outdoor (including Aqua work outs)... the outdoor pool has a slide!! Sad to say, I haven't tried that part. Oh and the rock climbing wall seems to be a big hit too.  For the families they have soo much to offer. Tons of kids programs. So I will say, that I am under the Lifetime spell. No, I don't work for them or get any money for writing this post.... just thought I would share this experience with you. If you are up for paying money for a place that you are in alot already then please try it....or at least get a guest pass.I bet you switch and really begin to experience working out in a whole new way:)
Happy work outs...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hittin' the Trails....

I am always looking for new ways to 'freshin' up my work outs, so when I stumbled upon hiking, I fell in love. I had been wanting to go for awhile. Thinking it seemed like such a different way to get some calorie burning time in, me and the boyfriend decided to take it up with the pup. I would NEVER recommend going alone b/c of obvious safety reasons. There are several areas to choose from near where we live and its so fun to take in the scenery and burn up to 386 calories  ( I used to get a closer range since I don't own a heart rate monitor...yet)  Here are some pics of some of our outings....
We def bring Justin's dog for some exercise:) He LOVES it. You will see him in some of the pics...

Some start are on cemented trails...
Some do not....
The top of a hill trail is a reward for getting there... so pretty..

Boyfriend time plus working out?? Perfect combo!

Love the scenery...

So I hope you are now sold on finding some trails in your area and hitting them up with a friend. Its such a fun way to get out of the house and be healthy!!:) Take your dog if you have one b/c he wants to go too!:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's you work out of choice??

Everyone has different preferences and limits. We all don't have the same goals, nor do we all have bodies that respond exactly the same. When working out, the thing to remember is, Its not about what your NOT doing, its about what you are thats alot easier for me to type than 100% believe in all the time. Some of the best work out advice I read was that your not always going to have a good run or workout, and thats ok. That was a hard pill to swollow and still is some days. I am human. I don't always want to work out. I don't always have a energy limit-less time in the gym. Some days just flat out suck. The thing I had to realize, is that, its normal. I really try taking advantage of the 'good work-outs." Because I know that life happens, and sometimes that effects everything. Some days I am a runner, and some I am not. Some days I kick my own booty, and some days I am little slower than normal. I don't run every day. More like a couple times of week. Some weeks are more run filled than normal and some weeks I am straight classes at the gym.

My Number one choice for a work out  is Spinning class!! It has been something that has been a love of mine for the last three years! It can burn 500-1000 calories in an one hour class...depending on your own body, and how hard you push yourself. I feel its so easy on the knees but will kick your butt. Some of my best instructors have incorporated squats, sprints, and hills in an amazing hour. I feel drenched and exhausted- two things I love to feel when done working out. Plus, some instructors have that good music that makes you want to dance at the same time...ha.. always a plus. If you are unfamiliar of what it is, here you go... You are on a spinning bike that is made differently than the bikes out in the main cardio part of the gym. The instructor gives you intervals. Depending on the instructor or the tempo, it can be mostly hills and/or sprints.  Hills will be a standing climb or sitting climb. A good class is a mix in between. You should be tired after the first 20 min. The changing of tempo is the calorie burner. Form is HUGE in this class. Your bike seat should be at your hips. The handles should be even with your seat. If thats uncomfortable then raise your handle bars. When you are standing, you should be slightly bent at the waist, bent elbows, loose shoulders. Your bottom should be over the seat even when you are standing. You will feel that seat bumping your bottom for sure. Good form! You NEVER want to be going so fast that you  are bouncing in the seat. This can hurt your back. Make sure you have enough on the "fly wheel" or load on your wheels to feel the 'road.' If you are bouncing then just turn your knob more to the right.  If you haven't tried Spinning  b/c of you fear or just didn't know what it was....please do, you might become addicted. If you already spin, I don't want to insult your spinning knowledge,..... so spin on:)
This is my first choice of fitness. The second choice is running. Some days I hate it and some days I love it. Depends on the day. Right now, the heat is a set back and the treadmill has become more familiar again. I try to get outdoor runs in at least once a week. The winter brings alot more frequent runs and I now really enjoy colder weather!! If I want to change it up, I throw in a sprint workout. WOW..these really kick a booty. You can even throw in some hills.... I am telling you, your cheeks will be pink and you might be grunting to finish! Love!Racing has been a "new" found love starting this year.... Its always fun to have something to look forward to and its also a great motivator. Kind of feels like I am on a team again in a weird way. Next race is in three weeks--15k (9 miles) First one at the distance and I am excited/nervous. :) Running:  Try it and push yourself....

Lately I have been throwing stair step in to my work outs and wow, they also are a sweat jerker. You can alternate between front climb, side, and glutes. You can burn so many calories and  I promise if you do it for 20 min or longer, you will be drenched (again, if you are pushing yourself.) Yes, it sucks not being able to catch my breath, but I always feel so great when I get done with those workouts where that happens.

Ok... so my question is ... whats your work out of choice????

Happy work outs!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweaty Bands....

So as a girl with short hair, I am always up for ANOTHER cute headband or Something to keep my short strands up during a work out! So many claim to 'not slip' but after 10 min in a work out the headband is at the back of my head. Or they just plain aren't cute! So, I was at the gym a couple of months ago and saw this girl's way cute headband. She told me it was called a Sweaty Band and you can buy them on the internet. So I looked, and yes they are on for 15-18 dollars per headband. I wasn't sure I wanted to but without trying on for that much. So I was all sorts of excited when we went to Cali for our annual sister trip. The Owner was at the AVP tournament on the beach  with TONS of Sweaty Bands.I tried on so many and somehow decided on just one. I didn't really want to spend all my Cali spending money on headbands. haha...  The secret to making hers stand alone is that there is velvet on the inside so they don't slip!!! I have a couple with the velcro, but know how awful that is for your hair. So as excited as I was  I bought this one... but really wanted like 10 more.
Monica bought this one, which I was in LOVE with too!

Here are some more favorites that I know I will eventually buy!

Check out this website for hundreds more... and it would be smart to go in with someone to split that shipping cost. Tell you right now, its so worth the money b/c they don't slip. Hey, who says you can't be somewhat cute when working out... I am not saying prom dress and curled hair, just a little personality on your head. :) P.S. the owner took a pic of me and my sis to put on their website of headband wearers!!
Happy work outs!!