Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few of my favorite Summer food things.... Oh , and healthy too:)

Some things I am indulging in this summer.... and not bad for you either....

First up.... Watermelon...OMG... so refreshing..
then... these little ice creams that are only 190 calories and a dollar at Wal mart!! they are just enough ice cream too, and way less calories than a pint!
And these Luna Bars are amazing for breakfast before the gym ... love! and way less calories than Cliff bars
These whole grain  peanut butter crackers are the perfect snack.. and whole grain!
(can only find them at wal mart too!)
I will end with the BEST salsa that is from a local company... OMG so good...and so fresh.. .and such a good dip!
Happy Work outs!:) and eating....

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