Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Naturally Thin...

I have finished a great book by one of my fave celebrities right now, Bethenny Frankel. Naturally Thin is a wonderful book that helps you balance your eating habits to stay naturally thin. She has 10 rules that out line the book. Here they are:
 1. Your Diet is your bank account.
2. You can have it all, just not all at once.
3. Taste everything, eat nothing.
4. Pay attention.
5. Downsize now.
6. Cancel your membership in the clean plate club.
7.Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
8. Know Thyself.
9. Get Real.
10.Good for you.
These might not make sense right now.. so buy the book off of Amazon for 7 dollars and it will break them down. My favorite is "Cancel your membership in the clean plate club." I hate wasting food... but this really help me see that you shouldn't finish your plate always, especially when out to eat-- and the portions are WAY to big. I think the one that makes the most sense is the "Your diet is your bank account." Duh! If you have sweets all day and no veggies or something of substance- you will be in the negative. Duh?!? The way she breaks it down has made me think more about the moments when I want to eat everything in sight. "Taste everything, eat nothing" is something I need to learn. Taking bites of the "bad" stuff and not actually eating all of it. That way you still get the taste and actual food- just in bites- like two bites. That will save you the calories but still keep you from the dieting that makes most people go over the edge to binging! I like her "No diet" attitude... cause you still get to experience the good stuff. :) For real ladies, go out and get this book ... especially if you love Bethenny like I do:) Well worth it... and just 'food for thought.'
Happy work outs...

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