Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Veggie Sandwich that will change your life (if you like veggies!!)

Ok, so after my stint of trying to be a vegetarian for a couple of months a year ago, I am still not that big of a meat eater. I don't like steak, can't each lunch meat for some reason, and chicken has to be perfect for me to eat it ( like no chewy parts- or barf)! So I have been sticking to fish for my meat intake.
So since lunch meat still grosses me out for some reason, I have switched to purely Veggie sandwiches. LOVE Subway's version of it and heck its 5 dollars! But to be more practical every day, I have bought the fresh veggies and started making my own- which is more of a bargain in the long run too. And, with the right kind of bread (Nature's Own- no crap preservatives and high in fiber/ low in calories) this sandwich is a guilt free kind of meal. I have my preferences of what I like and how I like it, but this is really a "you" kind of sandwich. Change it up if you see something you don't like! Here are some pics... hope I make you hungry:)

Here are the ingredients:)
tomatos and cucumbers

Can't forget the cheese:)        Love pickles!!

Okay now here is the sandwich in a couple steps... make yours how you want it:) You can be your own "sandwich artist" as Subway puts it.

No sure why its a 'm' ?!?

banana peppers and Muenster cheese on!

pile in the veggies...and...

Look how thick and yummy this sandwich looks... without the guilt of tons of calories;)

So I hope your hungry enough to go out and get FRESH vegetables and take the time to prepare a fresh meal. The leftover veggies I put in a container for tomorrow's sandwich, which will cut the time of preperation in half! When school starts again, I will put the veggies in a seperate bag than my break so it doesn't get soggy.... I hate soggy bread!!:)
P.S. Just got this new book in... LOVE Bethenny Frankel and her healthy way of life... I'll let you know how it is  when I am finished...

Happy work outs...:)

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