Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresh dinner...yum.

So I have been reading Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel and am absolutely loving it. I have been trying to go more "fresh" with eating.. even though its def more expensive and time consuming. This book also emphasizes how important it is to eat fresh foods and go more organic. So with this in mind, I took a recipe out of her book and tweaked it a little bit. No pics, but just wanted to share this one. You will need whole wheat noodles of your choice, fresh tomatoes(not canned), garlic cloves(it was my first time dealing with garlic:), spinach (I got this canned b/c I couldn't find it otherwise), and Smart Balance butter. Cook the noodles normally, cut your tomatoes, saute your garlic, add butter. Bam...there is your recipe:) For desert, I had Greek plain yogurt with just a tiny bit of Vanilla extract and cinnamon. Added some organic (23-cause that was the serving size) chocolate chips on top...and mixed it up! So good and I feel not disgusting full after. Try it!!:)

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