Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweaty Bands....

So as a girl with short hair, I am always up for ANOTHER cute headband or Something to keep my short strands up during a work out! So many claim to 'not slip' but after 10 min in a work out the headband is at the back of my head. Or they just plain aren't cute! So, I was at the gym a couple of months ago and saw this girl's way cute headband. She told me it was called a Sweaty Band and you can buy them on the internet. So I looked, and yes they are on for 15-18 dollars per headband. I wasn't sure I wanted to but without trying on for that much. So I was all sorts of excited when we went to Cali for our annual sister trip. The Owner was at the AVP tournament on the beach  with TONS of Sweaty Bands.I tried on so many and somehow decided on just one. I didn't really want to spend all my Cali spending money on headbands. haha...  The secret to making hers stand alone is that there is velvet on the inside so they don't slip!!! I have a couple with the velcro, but know how awful that is for your hair. So as excited as I was  I bought this one... but really wanted like 10 more.
Monica bought this one, which I was in LOVE with too!

Here are some more favorites that I know I will eventually buy!

Check out this website for hundreds more... and it would be smart to go in with someone to split that shipping cost. Tell you right now, its so worth the money b/c they don't slip. Hey, who says you can't be somewhat cute when working out... I am not saying prom dress and curled hair, just a little personality on your head. :) P.S. the owner took a pic of me and my sis to put on their website of headband wearers!!
Happy work outs!!

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