Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am a Nike girl but....

Ok, we all have our preference of work out clothes. Some like a plain old t-shirt with meaning and some shorts, while others (ah-mm, me!) love to have the cute little tops and bottoms. Preferably, I wear Nike. I have cheated on Nike a little bit with Under Armour, but am a Just Do It girl at heart. For some reason, the effect of cute work out clothes is huge! Back during my high school and college basketball days, it was a "cut-off-sleeves" shirt with gigantic basketball shorts. After all those years of playing basketball, I have retired the long, overly big bball shorts. May they definitely rest in peace. :) Now even though I love me some Nike brand work out clothes,I love me a bargain (even more) not just with work/play clothes, but work out clothes to. Target has a sale rack that sometimes is just plain unbeatable. I got these two tops for under 10 dollars!! The ones underneath, I believe were under 15 (def not over 20 bucks-- its been awhile since I bought them)

The next two I got at Wal Mart!! These are not new purchases, but they have sale racks all the time too!

Now, We have all seen the next post of Nike Running shorts.... I am a HUGE fan of these! I would not like them to be so baggie up top and inconsistent with how a medium feels on each pair, but they are so cute and great running shorts!! With so many color variations, I think these are the best gift for an female athelete! Be careful b/c some places charge WAY more than they should for these! If you don't own a pair, go get a "starter" one, then get ready, b/c you will want every color after!

It really doesn't matter what you wear when you work out, just as long as you are staying active. I feel it is kind of a 'reward' to get these clothes. It can also be a motivation to get to a smaller top or shorts that wouldn't have looked as good before months of kicking your own butt!  However, they are not a staple, nor do they change how good you will feel after a great work out or eating healthy! Its all opinion girls( I would love to see your preferences in the comments!!) :) Be the best athelete you can be!!
Next post.... lets talk about shoes:)


kristen said...

Hello! My husband, Jimmy, sent me the link to you blog. Great start! You've motivated me to get back to my blog I started a few months ago. You're right about feeling better in cute workout clothes...it makes the hard work that much more worth it. I recently went from a medium to a small in the Nike running shorts...such a great feeling!

Anonymous said...

Funny you just posted this, I went to the store looking to update my work out wardrobe from the cut off bball shirts as I too were a bball girl however I came to find that Under Armour's shorts fit so much better than Nike but that is just me - and I too hit up the Target bargain rack...great finds! Oh and for your next post Nike LunaGlides for life or FreeFlex :)

Monica said...

I would like to say how cool it is that strangers are posting!!!

Second, being your twin, we think alike- I love me some Nike too. It makes me feel like I'm in the commercials :)