Thursday, June 24, 2010

The secret "amazing for you" food....

I want to take a second to tell you about Greek yougurt if you don't already know about it. It is stripped and packed with protein... 18 grams in the Chobani brand! Also, twice the protein, no fat, no cholesterol, all natural, NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, no synthetic hormones, includes live active cultures, and 3 types of probiotics and the list goes on. They have different brands and flavors that you can choose from. Believe it or not, alot of the yogurt that claims to be "healthy" is loaded with HFCS and other additives. Oikos greek yogurt is also another personal favorite b/c it comes in packs of 6!

Ok, off the soap box ... When I found all this out I made the ultimate switch. So, that being said, there are SO many things you can do with this lovely Heaven sent food. I decided to make a salsa dressing/dip with it that I got off the internet. I mixed salsa, one container of Chobani, and pinch of sugar. WOW, so good! And then you get all that protein in there too! The calories of this dish aren't anything to feel gulity about!
Its alot like the sour cream/salsa mix if your a fan of that. :)

Then, for the main course I threw together a Southwest salad. It had drained black beans (also, really good for you!), fresh corn that I boiled (yum!), and salad mix. So easy!! I am all about easy + healthy. Great combo! Then for the dressing, I threw in the dip that is in the above pic. So good! Here are the ingredients..
Make sure you drain the beans real well or it can be super slimey. Then for dessert, I made a random mix pie. I am not known for  cooking. But I sure can eat a dessert. I like to shave off the the little side things for calories. I try and stay organic as much as possible and away from HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Now, I will admit, its hard b/c so many products have HFCS in it! Even most whole wheat bread. That is a whole other post I can talk about! Ok so I grabbed the ingredients and got started on a "sweet tooth" dessert.

I mixed the FAT FREE cream cheese with some milk and the cheesecake jello. I was so mad at myself for not grabbing the fat free and sugar free jello, but what can you do when your already home. Back to recipe... put the "mix" in the pie crust. Stick it in the freezer. Now, its no Cheesecake Factory. Its just a quick fix for a mouth that had to have dessert. :) Here is the finished product.
Haha.... again, no Betty Crocker, but it was pretty good.
Point of this post is to substitute the "bad calorie" foods for " good calorie" foods and you can shave off so much. Try the yogurt- they have different brands and flavors, and comment on what you think!! I will tell you the more healthy I eat, the more prep work it is. I am really trying to do fresh and no HFCS more and more. I am not perfect and there is no way to do this for every meal. But hey, its about what you are doing than what your not. Try to make the switch and be patient with the prep work. I have been making tons of veggie sandwiches latley. Tomatoes, banana peppers, colby jack cheese (yes, I love carbs), cucumbers, and mustard. Soooo yummy. Grill the bread to feel more fancy! haha. With the left over veggies, I stick them in a container or bag and use them for another day. That way you have two sandwiches out of one! This is such a great summer salad. Plus, you can't go wrong with all those veggies!!! Try it out!! Happy work outs!


Magan said...

love the post! i'm going to give the greek yogurt a whirl. :) your post reminded me of one of my fav websites... it's all about swapping ingredients to make yummy food good for you too. enjoy!

Wright Family said...

I'll have to give this a try...we have been moving towards a {hi-fructose corn syrup} free zone!!!