Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking care of my wheels (or feet) ....

So as I promised, the shoe post. I LOVE new running shoes/atheletic shoes. I have a whole big storage tub FULL of athletic shoes... most of which I don't wear. I have my favorites. I feel the shoe thing started with me a little in high school. Then when I was playing college bball, I hung with the boys team alot and they were always buying new shoes! It def rubbed off on me and I caught shoe fever. It has slowed down a little bit after college. But I know I still have it worse than others. My sis is also on this shoe train. :) Right now, for running, I am wearing Nike Air Max. I am loving these shoes!!! I got them for 40 dollars at the Cowtown race in Jan. They normally go for 140! So not only were they a steal, but I love running in them. The first time I was training for a race I was wearing a poor pair of shoes, brand new, but poor. I had so many IT band problems.That and the training was off (more on that later.) Not only do I love how these look, which is a biggie to me, I absolutely love how they feel when I run in them. Here is their introduction to you...
My sister runs in Aasics and swears by them. I think that might be might next pair. Brooks is also very well known for running shoes. Every foot is different. We all move differently. I think its all preference. The next pair, I don't really wear to work out in. They are more my, wear them with jeans and a t-shirt or just out and about shoes. My boyfriend got them for me last Winter and I really dig the bright colors. So fun. I think everyone should have your "show" shoes that you can wear and not ruin.
The next pair I got a couple years ago. To be honest, I haven't worn them half as much as I thought I would. But I think they are just adorable! Such a different type of shoe but still with an athletic touch. I re-found them when I was digging in my shoe bin today and felt like they were new all over again!!
Here is a pair my sis got me for Christmas one year. Personal fan of bright colors if you can't tell. They are on the left. The ones on the right are some I bought at a Nike outlet a couple of years ago. I LOVE them. So comfortable. However, I wore them to a fitness class and there wasn't much support for the side to side movement. My feet were quite sore after that class. But I love the high arch support in these.
I feel like shoes are very important in working out. I just started paying more attention this year to the science end of it. Before, I would just buy based on looks and somewhat feel. Things like shoes only having so many milage before they could be potentially harmful. Had no idea! I was the Nike Shox girl for years. Owning up to 6 pairs (including my bball ones) one year!! I have kind of slid away from those even though I never really had any of the problems that have been reported in wearing the shoes. I think I was the only one on my college team that persuaded our coach to get the basketball Shox for one of our seasons! haha. Plus, this can be such a work out "high" to be wearing fancy new shoes. I didn't post all my shoes, but you can probable tell my taste. What's yours? Post a comment on your favorites!! And treat those shoes well because they will be taking care of you the next few months.
Next post, a great healthy recipe and the greatness of Greek yogurt!!! Happy work outs!!

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Monica said...

I will have to say that I HATE running in Nikes! They have no support for our high arches and I over pronate on the outside of my feet. Aasics girl for life! :)