Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls need protein too....

Let me start by saying I am not an nutrionist or expert. This is my opinion based off research and my own results. :)
Protein, protein, protein.
My oldschool way of thinking: Protein means weight gain. Ah-mmm... Um, every girls'worst nightmare- stay away!!! My new way of thinking: getting WHEY protein  is not a gainer but a natural supplement that aides in muscle repair. Here is a fabluous break down of WHEY protein and what its about.. the website is

"Protein levels are depleted through exercise. Muscles require amino acids to prevent deterioation, give endurance and build mass. Protein supply these amino acids to the muscles which is why atheletes use whey protein....."

What is Whey protein?
"Commercial whey protein comes from a cow's milk.Whey is the by-product of making cheese and was usually thrown away as a waste product. Now researchers know that the whey protein is high quality, natural protein that is rich with amino acids essential for good health and muscle building. It is naturally found in mother's milk and used in baby formula. It is being considered for use as a fortifier of grain products because of its considerable health benefits and bland flavor."

Why consider taking it?
"Whey protein has many health benefits including immune support, bone health, sports health, weight management, and overall well being.

Can Whey Be dangerous?
"Whey protein is a food and so it does not have the risks associated with other supplements.That said, too much of anything carries risk. Extremely high use of whey protein can overload the liver which can cause serious problems. Moderation is always recommended."

That is a quick break down from ONE website. Google it and there are tons more articles.

Iniatially I had heard about protein through boys and seeing their containers of "junk" that they take for muscle gain. It NEVER looked appealing b/c all I saw was weight gain.TONS of carbs and calories. Uh no thank you. Then I think the market started opening up for women. Enter Whey protein. I was VERY skeptical of protein b/c I did not want to gain weight. After reading several online things about it to make sure it wouldn't mess with my own natural levels or fill myself up with perservatives and carbs, I decided to give it a go. A trainer at Lifetime also convinced me of its good. That was the final straw b/c she was a girl herself who had drank Whey protein shakes. So I headed over to Vitamin Shop and talked with a worker (a woman) there. Told her my concerns and she showed me the Whey section.  This container which, gosh, laste me I think a month and a half , two months, was 20 bucks. The one I got was this one :

I got smooth banana b/c of the ingredients I make my shake with....they are...
Organic milk, Whey, peanut butter (more protein), ice, and not pictured b/c I was out-- a banana.

I try and drink one when I come in from a work out. It tastes like a milk shake!! I have even had one for dessert instead. You can take it before a work out to help with sore muscles. At bedtime, so it can repair all night. After workouts, to begin to repair and restore your depleted protein. They say the best time is within 30 min of your workout. I also have heard girls take it for a complete meal replacement. Sometimes I am full after a shake and other times a girl is still hungry! SO I eat. :)

For me, I feel like my muscles are stronger, more lean, and tone. That could also be due to the more frequent lifting and muscle toning I have increased. But, I am sure the protein has helped. I also read that it can help with lowering body fat-- um... yes please. I could def use help there b/c I feel like that is such an up hill battle.

 DO YOUR RESEARCH yourself before trying anything. I researched it enough to feel comfortable about taking it after almost every work out. Women will not get bulky b/c of whey. The larger women with HUGE muscles are injecting themselves most likely with an illegal or more potent form of protein. Talk to a trainer at your gym. Talk to other people who have taken it or might know about it.  Its just something that has worked for me. I mean Gatorade has their whole new G series out that has a recover section to it. It is a protein type drink. I trust Gatorade, and they seem to be jumping on the recover board too.
So, would love to hear if you are going to try it or if you come up with a better mix of ingredients. Share on the comments!!
Happy work outs.

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