Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's you work out of choice??

Everyone has different preferences and limits. We all don't have the same goals, nor do we all have bodies that respond exactly the same. When working out, the thing to remember is, Its not about what your NOT doing, its about what you are thats alot easier for me to type than 100% believe in all the time. Some of the best work out advice I read was that your not always going to have a good run or workout, and thats ok. That was a hard pill to swollow and still is some days. I am human. I don't always want to work out. I don't always have a energy limit-less time in the gym. Some days just flat out suck. The thing I had to realize, is that, its normal. I really try taking advantage of the 'good work-outs." Because I know that life happens, and sometimes that effects everything. Some days I am a runner, and some I am not. Some days I kick my own booty, and some days I am little slower than normal. I don't run every day. More like a couple times of week. Some weeks are more run filled than normal and some weeks I am straight classes at the gym.

My Number one choice for a work out  is Spinning class!! It has been something that has been a love of mine for the last three years! It can burn 500-1000 calories in an one hour class...depending on your own body, and how hard you push yourself. I feel its so easy on the knees but will kick your butt. Some of my best instructors have incorporated squats, sprints, and hills in an amazing hour. I feel drenched and exhausted- two things I love to feel when done working out. Plus, some instructors have that good music that makes you want to dance at the same time...ha.. always a plus. If you are unfamiliar of what it is, here you go... You are on a spinning bike that is made differently than the bikes out in the main cardio part of the gym. The instructor gives you intervals. Depending on the instructor or the tempo, it can be mostly hills and/or sprints.  Hills will be a standing climb or sitting climb. A good class is a mix in between. You should be tired after the first 20 min. The changing of tempo is the calorie burner. Form is HUGE in this class. Your bike seat should be at your hips. The handles should be even with your seat. If thats uncomfortable then raise your handle bars. When you are standing, you should be slightly bent at the waist, bent elbows, loose shoulders. Your bottom should be over the seat even when you are standing. You will feel that seat bumping your bottom for sure. Good form! You NEVER want to be going so fast that you  are bouncing in the seat. This can hurt your back. Make sure you have enough on the "fly wheel" or load on your wheels to feel the 'road.' If you are bouncing then just turn your knob more to the right.  If you haven't tried Spinning  b/c of you fear or just didn't know what it was....please do, you might become addicted. If you already spin, I don't want to insult your spinning knowledge,..... so spin on:)
This is my first choice of fitness. The second choice is running. Some days I hate it and some days I love it. Depends on the day. Right now, the heat is a set back and the treadmill has become more familiar again. I try to get outdoor runs in at least once a week. The winter brings alot more frequent runs and I now really enjoy colder weather!! If I want to change it up, I throw in a sprint workout. WOW..these really kick a booty. You can even throw in some hills.... I am telling you, your cheeks will be pink and you might be grunting to finish! Love!Racing has been a "new" found love starting this year.... Its always fun to have something to look forward to and its also a great motivator. Kind of feels like I am on a team again in a weird way. Next race is in three weeks--15k (9 miles) First one at the distance and I am excited/nervous. :) Running:  Try it and push yourself....

Lately I have been throwing stair step in to my work outs and wow, they also are a sweat jerker. You can alternate between front climb, side, and glutes. You can burn so many calories and  I promise if you do it for 20 min or longer, you will be drenched (again, if you are pushing yourself.) Yes, it sucks not being able to catch my breath, but I always feel so great when I get done with those workouts where that happens.

Ok... so my question is ... whats your work out of choice????

Happy work outs!!

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