Friday, December 10, 2010

HOlidays....MaKe suRe yOu KeeP on WorkInG ouT...

Its that time of the year, starting in November, where ALOT of guilt sets in due to massive amounts of food. The overload is ridiculous, and unless you don't want to be "that" girl who isn't participating b/c she wants to be the skinny one, then you must eat. So yes, this is the time where you eat. Working out alleviates that guilt a little bit. Going hard and not going home! If you half way do it in the gym... then expect half way results by the end of Holiday season. Hit up some interval training and weights to keep yourself burning calories all day. Make sure you are eating good on the "off"days when you aren't around a practical buffet. Its real hard being a kindergarten teacher, constant sweets, cupcakes, and "Oh Miss Martinez here is your Christmas present." chocolate. Its tough, but don't undo all the work you have done.... You can Do IT!!!!:) Happy work outs.
Turkey day Dash pics coming soon... when I get back to Dallas from my weekend trip home.... :)

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