Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blog worthy.... I've missed you!:) tomorrow is the last day of school, aka "short time to breath within the year." :) I am doing summer school but its a 'breeze.' I will miss this year's class as I know I will never have another one like this amazingly unique bunch. Ugh, tear! So I plan on returning to my sweet little abandoned blog.:) So much has happened since March. The Texas budget has directly affected our sweet district and has changed the "make-up" of our school. It has been a stressful few months to say the least. The positive time has come. The good news is that second semester usually brings more time , less stress time to work out. Lifetime is still my beloved "extra" family member that dote on frequently. Love that I have made new friends with the regulars that come to the same classes.... Totally worth the money I pay for the gym fee!(everyone thinks I am loca!)

On to the next blog thing I have wanted to blog about, Crossfit. So its the latest thing I have I heard about and I had to try it. My sis went to one in the city where she lives and was saying it was pretty intense. The more friends I had saying, "oh I know this girl who does it and she looks great." Challenge? Uh Yes! I was intrigued. So my apartment complex offers tons of free fitness services that I don't try very much (b/c I pay a ton for Lifetime, why would I?), including a free Crossfit class weekly .So I went down feeling a little nervous. The guys that were running it showed up in a hummer, had us sign a waiver, and we were starting! We started with a pretty nice little warm up that reminded me of warm ups from my college bball days. I was starting to feel very warm after a couple rounds of light sprints, bear crawls, skips, jumps and more. The next part was spent on form and this is where it got a little slow. On top of this, they were telling us a squat form that was opposite of what my coaches had preached to me for 15 years (knees go out to the side as you get lower!!??!) We spent a good 20 min on form and a standing exercise. I was like geeze, lets get going. Then I got my wish. We were on a team of five and had to run to a nearby street, get 300 kettle ball swings, and 200 burpees (hit chest to ground, jump up to a high knee jump), then run back to the street and back. The team of five split up the work going two at a time. However, one of our team members decided to sit b/c he was so tired so we quickly became a team of four. Missed the rest time that the team member would have given us for sure! This surely pushed me to zone four as I was exhausted. For 20-30 min, I was feeling it. I will rant on this portion for sure. Supposedly the sessions usually don't last as long as this one did. I think it varies each time. My final take is this: I think if you want a community and aren't apart of a great gym, why not do it? It kicks your butt and there is no way you can't get in shape. Reminds me of boot camps with a little higher intensity. A little P90X ish. Just my opinion. As for me , I will probably go again but will stick to my beloved classes at Lifetime.

On to the next round of this post today. I made the best, light, summer dip the other day. Here is the recipe:
2 boxes of strawberries
2 avocados
1 bag of Stacy's Cinnamon Pita chips

Cut the strawberries and avocados into tiny chunks and put in a bowl. Add the parsley. Easy and amazing. Put it on the chips and the mix of flavors is life changing, and slightly addicting. I ate WAY to much of this! Ha, human. Sorry no pic. Just trust me, you want to make it!!:)

Well, glad I'm back on my blog circuit again.... I have been blog stalking like crazy on teacher blogs and style blogs. Ugh. when I figure out how to post them to my wall, I will share this world with you. :) Until then,
Happy Work Outs. :)

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