Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It may be cold outside, but....

It may be cold outside, but it will be time soon enough when we put the little fabric outfit on called the bathing suit. I have def kept this in mind over these last few weeks of super cold weather. Its not easy leaving the house when its soooo cold outside. I was determined enough today to brave the inch iced roads, but was not left disappointed. There is something about being one of the only ones at the gym. A sense of accomplishment, athletic-ness, "you braved the weather" to kick your own butt feeling. And I sure did. To be honest, I enjoyed it more than I have any other work out here lately. I hurt my back a few weeks ago along with getting  a strange lightheaded/dizzy sickness, and to be honest, it was throwing me off! Luckily, neither one of those two knocked me out from the gym longer than three days. I put ear plugs in at the gym to help with this ear unbalanced thing, and did alot of spinning the first week back from the back thing.

Which brings me to my next topic, how I have fallen in love with spinning all over again. This has been a 4 year love affair. We had the honey moon stage for about a year and a half. I was head over heels for this new found exercise routine. Loved it! Started pursuing other types of exercises while visiting spin class weekly still. Then, once again here in the last month, its swept me off my feet. I recently bought cycle shoes that "clip"in  for a better ride and wow!!! They change the work out sooo much! Its like my eyes were opened. But these days I have started to respect the bike that takes me to high levels of cardio and pushes my limits. I love being in a spin class with 'legit' music. Feeling the rhythm and keeping pace is the challenge I enjoy. Please try spinning if you haven't. Yes, its hard. Yes, its everything you have heard. And yes, only you know how hard you are pushing yourself on that bike,whether you are pushing those limits to make real changes. I love my shoes and I got such a great deal (which you know I am always up for), at REI b/c of the Lifetime fitness discount. You have to buy the clips separate. The bike like this one at my gym. They def vary from gym to gym. Its crazy, b/c if you would have asked my before doing a spin workout if I thought you would get tired doing a bike, I would have said your
crazy. Point of this topic, fall in LOVE with something that makes changes to your health and body for the better. Feel good about laying by the pool this summer or putting on those cute little summer shorts. This is your life, celebrate it with things you enjoy. Yes, every now and then you won't enjoy the hard ones while they are happening, but enjoy it when you finish. Stand tall, feel great and enjoy the hard work.

Over the holidays, I was very stressed to see the scale was telling me that I ate to many sweets. Lets be honest, I know I was eating and enjoying more than I knew I could keep up with. We aren't talking 15-20 pounds here, but even the extra "few" was def making me feel blue! Luckily, I have my sis as a work out partner at home and even when she left for a few days, I stayed strong going to the local Lifetime. Last week going back to the dr, the scale  wasn't disappointing. I didn't believe it when I stepped on the scale and demanded to step on their second scale! No really , I did! I had still been feeling not so great about the weight gain from December, and really was soooo happy I was at my normal "last four years' weight. I honestly think it was the lack of eating sweets everyday and continued work outs. This opened my eyes to see that no amount of over eating will make me feel as good as staying healthy. Those sweets aren't going to feel as good as strong, lean muscles. I have had a re-focus rather than beginning of year goal making. I feel this happens to all of us. Tighter pants, a little extra jiggle, lack of motivation- these should be a wake up call to get going strong again! Don't give up and go into a slippery slope where it takes months to crawl out of.
Lots to type this time... needing to frequent my blog about what I love so much more often.
P.S. Passed my P.E. cert test--- now to find a job in that arena!!!:) until then, I will teach the littles in kinderland.

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